Video Editing Tutorial: Final Cut Sin City Effect

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A Still of the Sin City Effect made using this Video Editing Tutorial

A quick still that I edited in Final Cut Express using this Video Editing Tutorial


Today’s video editing tutorial will be a short one. You will learn how to achieve the “Sin City effect” (maintaining one color while making the rest black and white) in Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro.

First off, I will assume that you have the required knowledge to perform basic tasks in Final Cut without any detailed guidance from me. If this is a problem for you, it’s no big deal. I would recommend checking for other tutorials within this site, and checking further on YouTube and in Google.

The Tutorial

Note: It is important that you choose to keep a color in your clip that only occurs in the object that you want to keep it in. For example, don’t try to keep the green color of a caterpillar when it is surrounded by green grass. Although you can still do this by adding more layers of video or using masks, that is tedious and unnecessary if you choose you footage wisely.

First off, you need to drag your clip into your timeline, and drag another copy of it into the layer above it. You should have two copies of you clip in your timeline, one on top of the other.

Next, you should desaturate the base clip in the V1 bar of the timeline. You can do this by going to Effects > Video Filters > Image Control > Desaturate. Now, your base clip should be black and white.

After that is

complete, you will add a color key to the 2nd layer. This is achieved by going to Effects > Video Filters > Key > Color Key. Apply this filter so that all of the color that you plan to keep is keyed out. To do this, you should just experiment util you find the settings that are the most accurate.

Once you have added your color key to your color, you simply need to check the invert check box in the filters pane of the viewer.

Finally, you are finished. Simply render your video, and you are ready to go.

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